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Marc Safran is a busy studio photographer in Syracuse, New York producing   strong, dynamic and creative images in  portraiture, dance,  and human form. Originally from New York City, Safran's work has been published in Graphis Photography Press,  the 2017 Peace Corp Calendar (cover),   Aer Lingus Travel magazine and Cornell University Press.  His portraits and regional images were selected  by Art in the Windows urban renewal project in Syracuse, Gallery 54 in Skaneateles, Upstate Medical Center and Syracuse Stage.  Dance photography is important to him and he has shot with ACB Dance (NYC), Hartt School of Dance (Hartford, CT), FuturPointe Dance (Rochester, NY), Diavolo Dance (Los Angelos, CA),  and Paul Taylor II (NYC).     Safran is pleased to collaborate with many of central New York's artistic community,  enhancing the artistic and cultural landscape of the region.   His studio is located in the historic Delavan Building in the Armory area of Syracuse.    

Contact information:

Marc Safran
Cell: 315 256 8065
Facebook: Marc Safran Photography

Instagram:  @marcsafranphotography

Studio Address:  
Delavan Center Studio - Suite 258
509 West Fayette Street
Syracuse, New York

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